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12 Oct 2015 Read our detailed comparison of the Sony Alpha A7R II vs Sony Alpha A7S II to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and decide which one to choose.
19 Jul 2016 Both cameras are well-built with a magnesium alloy body that features weather-sealing against dust and moisture. sony a7s ii vs a7r ii. So let's start with II that I've owned for more than one year now, so I decided to assign the EVF/LCD switch to the right button of the control wheel and change it manually.
By now we all know the a7S II can deliver stunning cinematic images in any situation - corporate videos, wedding videos, commercials, cinema, music videos, documentaries, you name it. All you need is a workflow - a step-by-step system that tells you when to use which setting, and how to get great images or videos in any
13 Nov 2015 The Sony a7S II is shipping and many filmmakers rejoice as it is one of the best low cost video cameras out there right now. Last week we took a really close look at the differences between the Sony a7S II and the old Sony a7S. But how does this new camera compare to the Sony a7R II that was introduced
1 Jan 2015 2. “Help Guide” is an on-line manual. You can read the “Help Guide” on your computer or smartphone. Refer to it for in-depth instructions on the many functions of the camera. URL: h_zz/. Owner's Record. The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Record the
7 Aug 2016 Sony a7R II versus a7 II: Eight key differences Sony's a7-series marked the debut of full-frame mirrorless, and Sony still dominates this market with its a7S II, a7 II and a7R II. . Once you get AF lock, turning the focus ring places the lens in manual mode, with (optional) 5x/12x magnification. Like. 1.
30 Jan 2016 Sony a7R II vs a7S II comparison video, addressing the features and image performance of the two cameras. Well worth a look!
22 Jun 2015 ceony made some huge waves in the filmmaking world with their A7S, but the newly announced A7R II might just be the better choice for many filmmakers. But also, the fact that I can use my fully manual lenses on the A7R II is huge, considering I don't really want to invest in Sony glass at the moment.
4 Sep 2015 Sony A7S II Review 11 March 2016. LEICA 21mm + Sony A7R II versus Canon 20mm USM + 5DS R Comparison 01 October 2015 .. The biggest negatives are a very limited selection of lenses (adapted manual focus lenses aren't a good idea if you care about image quality or convenience, but
27 Apr 2015