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22 Oct 2017 Learn the complete rules of the standard two-rank Mancala variant, which is also known as Kalah. This is an ancient board game.
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21 Sep 2009 Math skills and strategic planning are essential to winning this ancient African game. You Will Need * A mancala game board * Two players * 48 game pieces – or, "stones" Step 1: Set up Place the mancala board lengthwise between two players and put four stones in each of the 12 small cups on the game
you make up your playing area. The large pocket— called the Mancala— to your right is yours. Place 4 stones (col- ors do not matter) in each of the 12 smaller his pocket #2 into the empty pocket #3. He would now take that stone and the stones that are in A4 and place. For 2 players. Ages 6 to adult. RULES. PLAYER A.
23 Jun 2010
Set Up: The Mancala board is made up of two rows of six pockets (also called “holes,” or “pits”) each. Four pieces are placed in each of the 12 pockets. The color of the pieces is irrelevant. Each player has a “store” (also called a “Mancala”) to his/her right side of the Mancala board. Object: The object of the game is to collect
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The same is for your opponent; their side is the six holes closest to them and their mancala is to their right. To set up, place four "stones" in each hole, excluding the mancalas. This should total 48 stones. (A stone can be anything small; pennies, marbles, in my case some glass counters that came with the set).
Mancala or Oware Rules. African and Asian classic board game - comprehensive instructions for friendly play from Masters Traditional Games.